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We are Adventure Play Solutions

We are a kids play solutions company who help our clients to design the ultimate Adventure Play Solution, using the products available from our suppliers. We're not here to make huge profits, but are in it for the fun and to help you create the best affordable solution for kids within your properties area. We offer a range of products from rope courses, gold courses and climbing walls, through to Nerf arena, inflatables and bubble ball. Take a look at our range of products here.

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How We Work

From Consultation to Launch


The first stage is to have a chat and understand exactly what your requirements are. We'll spend time to understand who's your target audience, what your timelines look like and what ROI you're looking for.


Once we have all the information we require, we will then create the plans of what we will include from our project range. This includes timelines/costs/expenses etc.


The next stage is to run through the proposal with you and make sure we have included everything and covered all elements required. We will create the concept drawing and themes to confirm we are all on the same page.


Once we have everything approved, the implementation will commence and we will provide you with a daily/weekly update on progress.


To celebrate the launch we will help you to promote this to the relevant media.

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